Lead management service

In consultation with you, we create the ideal lead form based on your exhibition targets and the information you need from your visitors. We subsequently use expoCRM to draft and print the lead form. During the trade fair, we scan your collected forms and digitize the lead information contained therein. At the end of each exhibition day – or in one batch after the event is over – you will receive the completed evaluations for further processing or for import into your existing CRM.


Your advantage:

  • Collection of complete data (contact data and information exchanged)
  • Professional logging of lead form data
  • No tying up of your resources during the trade fair
  • Rapid digitization of trade fair contacts
  • Excel spreadsheet with all visitor data and call information


Please ask us for a free offer for the following services:

  • Counseling about lead management
  • Conception/creation of lead form
  • Data capture and quality control of completed forms
  • Evaluation and daily compilation of statistics on visitor contacts




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